Welcome to the Institute of Belonging

I spend most of my time with people who bring people together, for a living or for pleasure.

The Institute of Belonging is designed to be an inventory of ideas, tools, and practices for meaningful connection. As well as… a journal for me to keep what’s meaningful and noteworthy in the inner and outer landscapes of connection.

Physicist Carlo Rovelli says that humans don’t understand the world as made by things, but by happenings: events limited in space and time. I believe that in the same way, human relationships and the webs they form, communities, are also measured in happenings, in moments of connection. 

This newsletter is a celebration of these moments of connection.

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For people who bring people together


I’m the founder of the Institute of Belonging, a studio celebrating the power of networks, communities and ecosystems. I research, advise and speak on connection, community and belonging.